There was harmony in the discord, a freedom to be inspired by anything and everything that surrounds us. Lori's love of layering comes out of this belief. Layering is the quickest shortcut to personal style.

"Anything Goes with Everything"

All her life, Lori noticed unique combinations in the strangest of places. Dichotomies of color, shares, texture and reference points came together as one vision. They clashed, but more than that, they caused the eye to stop and take notice.
meet lori goldstein

Founder & Creative Director

Since 2009, Lori Goldstein's lifestyle brand has given women permission to play with their everyday fashion by retaining the essence of the trailblazing looks she is best known for while offering effortless everyday looks that flatter women of all ages, shapes and sizes

LOGO X Smiley World

Lori's Latest Collab

By combining two iconic brands, Lori celebrates individuality, style, and encouraging everyone to express themselves with a smile